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Show Her Off

15mm Wide Band Pave 3.3 Carats Round Moissanite Wedding Band 14k white gold

It’s a dazzling soiree. The social event of the year.
You are surrounded by the creme de la creme of society - politicians, movie stars and celebrities. Each dressed impeccably, showing off their best clothes and jewels.

You walk in the grand hall hand in hand with your wife. She is your best jewel. Her satin dress is hugging her gorgeous figure in all the right places. Her smile is mesmerising and even Hollywood celebrities turn their heads towards her and whisper ‘who is she?’ . She is your wife. She is your woman and you have never been prouder to show her off.

And of course, such a dazzling woman deserves an imposing jewel. That is why you chose the 15mm Wide Band Pave 3.3 Carats Round Moissanite Wedding Band. The grandeur of this ring is something only a very special type of woman can pull off. This ring is perfect for someone who oozes confidence, someone who commands all the attention in a room, someone like her. Someone like your woman.

This ring is the token that you belong to each other. So while everybody else admires her beauty, you are the only one who gets to take her home and call her his wife.





Thickness 15mm
Shank Design Wide Band, Tapered
Gem Setting Pave
Gem Carat
3.3 Carats TW or 0.025 Carat Each
Gem Shape Round
Gem Moissanite
Use as
Wedding Band - Anniversary
Body Metal 14K White Gold
Gem Color
Forever One - Colorless - D
Gem Clarity VVS1 - VVs2
Gem Cut Excellent