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Customize to Any Size, Weight, Shape, Cut, Color, or Material 💍

Moissanite, Natural & Lab Grown Diamonds & Gemstones 💎

Make with Certified Pure Solid 10K, 14K, 18K or Platinum 950 🪙

Get Rare Stone Colors & Sizes at a Reasonable Cost 👍

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Most Stunning GRC Certified Lab Grown Gemstones 📜

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Customize or Engrave

Custom orders are welcome. We do accept customized or personalized orders.

We make jewelry as per occasion and celebration like Birthdays, mother’s day gifts, valentine day gifts, father’s day, thanksgiving, daughters day, graduation days, and many more per your request. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

The costs may vary depending on your accurate request. Simply tell us what would be the greatest natural diamond qualities for you. 



💎 We design and create your favorite Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Earrings, Studs, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants and anything you’d dream of with any rare stone.


🆙 Metal Upgrade 🆙

Isn't your desirable body metal available for this piece of jewelry? We provide a wide range of precious metals. Leave us a note or contact us about your preference, we'll make you just that. 👍

🥇 All metals are available - 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Solid Gold, 10K Solid Gold,14K Solid Gold, 18K Solid Gold (in Rose, White, Yellow)


💎 Natural Diamonds & Gems💎

Do you want natural diamonds or any type of great quality gems?



💎 We have a super wide inventory of all gems with or without certificate. The rarest quality natural diamonds are available in any size and color with GIA certificate.

All stones are available - Colorless Moissanite, Colorful Moissanite, Natural Colorless Diamonds, Colorful & rare Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, etc. Just ask! 


 Design Customization ✏

Wanna add your own touch to your jewelry?

A: Firstly choose one of our designs which is the closest to your desired jewelry.

B: Secondly note exactly what you want to change or improve on that product and send it to us. The more accurate the better. Don't worry if you've never done it before, we'll help you find out exactly what you want.

C: Then we'll send you the exact costs along with a 3D prototype to confirm that it's absolutely your favorite....

If you send us a picture of your desired jewelry, we can also design you one exactly like what you love.

Choose from a wide range of different colors.

What's your favorite shape cut? We provide many different colors of different shapes with the highest possible quality on earth.


💟 Engraving 💟


All of our jewelry comes with the original stamps representing the product identity and maybe your message to your loved one. The stamp would show our logo, product name, metal grade, stone information, product ID and your personalized message.

Engrave something that matters for ($̶2̶0̶0̶) 100% Free. Tell her/him a sentence that would stick with her/him forever. 


The shorter the sentence, the better. Consider how much space is available on your jewelry for engraving. You can engrave long sentences but they'll be so small and hard to read. 


Engraving on Engagement Ring Leyloon


1️⃣ How to order an engrave? There’s a note box in your “Bag Page” (Cart). You’ll write the note which you want to engrave in double quotations. We will contact you and clarify if we should make sure of something in the process. 

An example would be like:

I want this to be engraved on her engagement ring.

“Forever with You”


2️⃣ What to engrave? Here are some examples to help you find your favorite love sentence to engrave.

- The sentence that came to your mind the first time you saw him/her.

- What you wish for the future of both of you.

- Why you chose her/him.

- How important she/he is. Or what impact she/he has on your life.

- How does she/he make you feel when you're together?