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Clara - leyloon
Clara - leyloon
Clara - leyloon
Clara - leyloon
Clara - Commitment - Self-esteem
Clara - leyloon

Clara - Commitment - Self-esteem

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Flourish Your Own Beauty

Besides being one of the most popular flowers in the world, poppy also represents some very deep meaning. 

It is really interesting how poppy is symbolized differently in different countries. However, it has played such an important role in religion, mythology, politics, and medicine over these years. 

For many cultures, the poppy is a symbol of beauty and success. It represents the restful sleep and recovery, the feelings for your lost beloved ones, our lively imagination and messages delivered in dreams.

The poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance. It is a metaphor of hope that makes up positive about the future. 

Add a touch of glamour by wearing this stunning neckpiece. Having this pendant close to your heart is like protecting yourself from the negative and focus only on the positives. 

It will represent your inner strength and success in your life. One amazing thing is that it will help you remember your deceased loved ones. 

The mesmerizing design would be in your priority list while choosing a piece of jewelry for special occasions. 

Be beautiful like a poppy. 

    [Metal Type ] Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

    [Metal Plated]  18K Gold

    [Note]  Without Necklace